Label: Equilibrium
Item Number: EQ92
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2008
RoseWind Duo
Clifford Leaman - saxophone
Scott Herring - marimba
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Eckhard Kopetzki: Shadows of Wood
Chestnut Dance01.I. Chestnut Dance   2:54
Weeping Willow02.II. Weeping Willow   2:34
Limes in the Wind03.III. Limes in the Wind   3:03
Luminescent04.Reginald Bain: Luminescent   7:37
Braston Blake: Nine Etudes
Certain Birds05.I. Certain Birds   1:06
Two Stories06.II. Two Stories   2:31
Red Trees07.III. Red Trees   1:14
Contained Freedom08.IV. Contained Freedom   2:21
Lost Exits09.V. Lost Exits   1:18
Reluctant Procession10.VI. Reluctant Procession   1:20
Surfacing11.VII. Surfacing   1:50
Sparkle's Song12.VIII. Sparkle's Song   1:32
Red Tide13.IX. Red Tide   1:54
Memoriale14.Paul Siskind: Memoriale   6:58
Nathan Daughtrey: Strange Dreams
Unheard Music15.I. Unheard Music   3:34
Ballerina Mom16.II. Ballerina Mom   1:23
Mermaid Song17.III. Mermaid Song   3:31
Pools of Light18.IV. Pools of Light   1:54
Release19.John Fitz Rogers: Release   8:04
A Mile of Phrygian at 6020.Tayloe Harding: A Mile of Phrygian at 60   1:09
Total Playing Time: 57:47


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