Label: Equilibrium
Item Number: EQ161
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2016
Devils Garden / Angels Landing
RoseWind Duo
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Leonard Mark Lewis: Book of Dances and Other Diversions
Simple Blue Toccata01.  I. Simple Blue Toccata   3:06
Waltz: Saying Goodbye02.  II. Waltz: Saying Goodbye   2:43
Tango: Triste03.  III. Tango: Triste   2:28
Songs in Pieces04.  IV. Songs in Pieces   2:34
Robert Maggio: Devils Garden / Angels Landing
Devils Garden05.  I. Devils Garden   5:48
Angels Landing06.  II. Angels Landing   4:17
Iteration07.  Reginald Bain: Iteration   5:38
Jesse Jones: Four Scenes
Amorfo08.  I. Amorfo   3:52
Ballo09.  II. Ballo   1:47
Solo10.  III. Solo   1:31
Scherzo11.  IV. Scherzo   3:48
Fang Man: Soundscapes of the Four Seasons
Image I12.  I. Image I   2:11
Image II13.  II. Image II   2:11
Image III14.  III. Image III   1:40
Image IV15.  IV. Image IV   1:19
Gary Ziek: Earth Tones
Ocean16.  I. Ocean   1:50
River17.  II. River   1:46
Grasslands18.  III. Grasslands   1:37
Desert19.  IV. Desert   1:36
Polar20.  V. Polar   2:35
Rain Forest21.  VI. Rain Forest   1:58
Volcano22.  VII. Volcano   3:07
Want it. Need it. Have it.23.  Adam Silverman: Want it. Need it. Have it.   9:22
Total Playing Time: 1:08:44

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