Equilibrium Records is a division of Tresóna Multimedia, LLC, specializing in classical, jazz, acoustic instrumental, and choral music. We also provide many services to assist musicians in producing and marketing their own recordings, including digital distribution and licensing.
What we do
We give you the recognition of being on an established record label while letting you keep the copyright and choose promotional and marketing strategies that work best for you.
We provide you with technical support, the Equilibrium logo, a unique catalog number, a UPC (bar) code, and ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) numbers for digital distribution and piracy protection.
Equilibrium artists have their CDs distributed in the US to retail stores through our partnership with Albany Music Distributors in New York. Albany also lists your recording in ArkivMusic, AllMusic.com, CD Universe, and other databases, as well as in catalogs for Barnes and Noble, Target, Best Buy, and other retail outlets.
Equilibrium makes the physical (CD) recording available for sale through online distributors such as Amazon, and also send copies to review magazines such as Fanfare and American Record Guide.
We have created a Master-Use License Exchange through which we promote recordings in our catalog to the film, television, gaming, and fashion industries, and negotiate master-use and sync licenses for your music to be used in soundtracks, commercials, ringtones, and other media venues.
We create files for digital downloading, provide unique codes so that royalties can be tracked and properly assigned, and provide worldwide digital distribution through Internet retailers and streamers such as Apple iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Spotify, and many others.
To legally sell and distribute compositions that are copyright-protected, it is necessary to obtain mechanical licenses for physical CDs, and Digital Phonorecord Delivery (DPD) licenses to sell digital downloads on the Internet. We will process the paperwork; however, you are responsible for the amount owed to the music copyright owner. We charge nothing for this service and take no portion of the royalty fee. By properly licensing your recordings, you are ensuring that the publisher and the composer are fairly paid for their work.
With regard to production, we have associates who offer their services at competitive rates to record, master, and develop artwork and graphic layout in preparation for manufacturing. If you already have these services, we can send you the digital files for the logo and UPC code to add to your graphic design, or else you can send us the completed artwork and we will add those things for you. We'll work with you to do whatever is best for your needs. You can do it all yourself, or we can help; it doesn't matter as long as the quality is very high.
We promote and sell your recording and digital downloads on the Equilibrium website. You are given your own URL where extensive and detailed information, including reviews, biographies, pictures, sound clips, and other information, is posted and can be updated and managed by you and by us. You will even be able to promote the recording in advance of its release and sell individual digital tracks before they are compiled onto a physical CD, as long as they are ready and copyright free. Once something is finished, it can be posted. Furthermore, your Equilibrium site can be linked to other websites.
We provide you with a username and password with which you can upload information about your recording to the Equilibrium web site. You will be able to add updates such as reviews, new recordings, and other data at any time. After signing in, you will also be able to manage your Equilibrium account and have access to information about sales figures, dates and locations of purchases, and royalty account balances. You can also set your own payment threshold and method for receiving royalties.
What you do
The artist is responsible for all costs associated with obtaining compulsory licenses for the right to record and distribute copyrighted works. We will take care of the licensing process and follow all legal procedures.
The artist pays for all production and manufacturing costs. You are welcome to find your own service providers and manufacturer; however, we can manage all or part of this process for you at a very reasonable and competitive rate through our own sub-contractors. (The cost depends on what you want. Traditional clear plastic jewel boxes are the cheapest; however, DigiPaks are now becoming very popular and have many advantages. They do not break like plastic, and they cost less to mail because they are lighter and do not require padded envelopes, and they are easier to carry with you on tour.
Our terms
The artist gives Equilibrium 100 free copies out of every 1,000 units manufactured, of the CD, without royalty obligations from us to you. The artist keeps all remaining CDs to sell or distribute as desired, without royalty obligations to us. If we need additional copies over our initial 100, we will purchase them from you at an agreed-upon distribution rate. The specific terms are described in our Equilibrium Performer Publishing Agreement, which is available anytime upon request.