Label: Equilibrium
Item Number: EQ165
Format: Download
Year Recorded: 2022
The Centennial Collection: Vol. 1 - Contemporary Cornerstones
UNCG Wind Ensemble
John R. Locke - Conductor
Kevin M. Geraldi - Conductor
Jonathan Caldwell - Conductor
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Fanfare No. 101.Wataru Hokoyama: Fanfare No. 1   4:27
High Flight02.Joseph Turrin: High Flight   12:36
Starry Crown03.Donald Grantham: Starry Crown   10:46
Equus04.Eric Whitacre: Equus   9:13
Yasuhide Ito: Gloriosa
Oratorio05.I. Oratorio   8:06
Cantus06.II. Cantus   5:48
Die Festus07.III. Die Festus   6:15
Drum Music08.John Mackey: Drum Music   4:11
Drum Music, Mvts. 2 and 309.John Mackey: Drum Music, Mvts. 2 and 3   13:46
Finish Line10.Cindy McTee: Finish Line   7:04
Neil McKay: Symphony for Winds
Risoluto11.I. Risoluto   5:53
Larghetto12.II. Larghetto   5:35
Rondo13.III. Rondo   5:42
Donald Grantham: Southern Harmony
The Midnight Cry14.I. The Midnight Cry   2:07
Wondrous Love15.II. Wondrous Love   4:02
Exhilaration16.III. Exhilaration   1:31
The Soldier's Return17.IV. The Soldier's Return   5:12
Frank Ticheli: Symphony No. 2
Shooting Stars18.I. Shooting Stars   4:57
Dreams Under a New Moon19.II. Dreams Under a New Moon   10:35
Apollo Unleashed20.III. Apollo Unleashed   6:06
Ra!21.David Dzubay: Ra!   4:26
It perched for vespers nine22.Joel Puckett: It perched for vespers nine   11:20
Niagara Falls23.Michael Daugherty: Niagara Falls   9:41
Jack Stamp: Four Maryland Songs
At the Edge of the Choptank River24.I. At the Edge of the Choptank River   3:05
A Maryland Road25.II. A Maryland Road   3:25
A Fisherman's Sonnet26.III. A Fisherman's Sonnet   1:53
The Sires of Seventy-Six27.IV. The Sires of Seventy-Six   4:21
Internal Combustion28.David Gillingham: Internal Combustion   11:18
Spilled Orange29.Judy Bozone: Spilled Orange   10:35
Hymn To A Blue Hour30.John Mackey: Hymn To A Blue Hour   9:15
Aurora Awakes31.John Mackey: Aurora Awakes   11:12
Harrison's Dream32.Peter Graham: Harrison's Dream   15:28
Symphony No. 433.David Maslanka: Symphony No. 4   29:39
Total Playing Time: 4:19:30


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