Label: Equilibrium
Item Number: EQ166
Format: Download
Year Recorded: 2022
The Centennial Collection: Vol. 2 - Premieres
UNCG Wind Ensemble
John R. Locke - Conductor
Kevin M. Geraldi - Conductor
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Alarm Calls01.Scott Lindroth: Alarm Calls   5:50
Shadow Dance02.David Dzubay: Shadow Dance   9:05
Solace03.Steven Bryant: Solace   14:14
Acrylic Waves04.Mark Engebretson: Acrylic Waves   15:54
John Mackey: Songs From the End of the World
A Long Time Alone05.I. A Long Time Alone   8:06
Raveling06.II. Raveling   5:11
At Sea07.III. At Sea   8:19
Tiktaalik08.Roshanne Etezady: Tiktaalik   10:08
Carter Pann: Four Factories
Locomotive09.I. Locomotive   4:17
Gothic10.II. Gothic   2:27
At Peace11.III. At Peace   4:31
Mercurial, with Great Precision12.IV. Mercurial, with Great Precision   3:44
Mysterious Voices of Wind, Moon, Trees, and Dreams13.Mark Engebretson: Mysterious Voices of Wind, Moon, Trees, and Dreams   12:31
Ella Que Llora14.DJ Sparr: Ella Que Llora   15:52
Joel Puckett: Short Stories
Somewhere Near the End15.I. Somewhere Near the End   1:20
Introit16.II. Introit   2:12
The Priests17.III. The Priests   4:27
Recitative18.IV. Recitative   2:44
Mother and Child19.V. Mother and Child   5:04
Sonno agitato20.VI. Sonno agitato   1:27
The Bridge (Cadenza)21.VII. The Bridge (Cadenza)   0:56
Ma Fin22.VIII. Ma Fin   2:49
No Brief Candle23.Jack Stamp: No Brief Candle   9:44
The Frozen Cathedral24.John Mackey: The Frozen Cathedral   13:47
Total Playing Time: 2:44:39


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