Oboe Odyssey
Evelyn McCarty, Imelda Delgado
Oboe Recital (No. 3)
Wayne Rapier, Kendra Colton, Edwin Swanborn, Martin Amlin, Toni C...
Oeuvres de Jacques Hétu et André Prévost
Yegor Dyachkov, Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Jean Saulnier
Oeuvres pour guitares, luths, cistre, orpharion et vihuela
Trio de guitares Laval
Of Winds and Song: Sacred Music for Soprano, Oboe, and Organ
Cavenaugh-McCarty-York, Melanie Cavenaugh, Evelyn McCarty, Susan ...
Oklahoma Bandscapes: Wind Music of Samuel Magrill
University of Central Oklahoma Wind Symphony, Brian Lamb
Old News: New Music for Trumpet and Percussion
John Pennington, Stephen Dunn
On the Nature of...
Anthony Di Sanza
On the Sunny Side
Dixie Devils
On the Wings of Love
I Solisti Veneti, Mauro Maur, Ugo Orlandi, Paolo Grazia, Lorenzo ...
One Summer Afternoon
Phillip Strange
Orchestral Works for Guitar Quartet
Canadian Guitar Quartet, Patrick Roux, Louis Trépanier, De...