Ittzés Plays Newman: Complete Works for Flute
With: Anthony Newman, Gergely Ittzes, Ferenc Erkel Chamber O...
Anthony Newman: Angel Oratorio
With: Anthony Newman, Mary Jane Newman, Orchestra of Bedford...
Anthony Newman: Complete Works for Cello and Piano
With: Anthony Newman, Kristina Cooper, Jesus Castro-Balbi, P...
Anthony Newman: Large Chamber Works
With: Anthony Newman, Renee Jolles, Peter Bacchus, Sophie Sh...
Anthony Newman: Te Deum Laudamus
Anthony Newman
With: Bedlam, Kayleen Sánchez, Laudon Schuett
Fascinatin' Rhythms
With: Kenneth Radnofsky, Rosemary Barnes
Carter and Rachmaninoff Cello Sonatas
With: Anthony Ross, Evelyne Brancart
Genovese and Taylor
With: Alfred Genovese, Andrew Kohji Taylor, New England Cham...
Amy Porter, Nancy Ambrose King
With: Amy Porter, Nancy Ambrose King, Phillip Bush
Of Winds and Song: Sacred Music for Soprano, Oboe, and Organ
With: Cavenaugh-McCarty-York, Melanie Cavenaugh, Evelyn McCa...
Patrick McFarland & Friends
With: Patrick McFarland, Elizabeth Koch, Marietta Simpson, C...
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