Melanie Yamada, Darin Miyashiro, Mariko Furukawa, Joanna Morrison...
Points of Departure
University of Michigan Symphony Band, Michael Haithcock, Daniel G...
Recitative and Frenzy
William Helmers, Kamran Ince, Stefanie Jacob, Diana Haskell
Transience: A Musical World of Works for Soprano, Clarinet, and Piano
Fred Ormand, Julia Broxholm, Martin Katz
Luca Luciano, Duo Lucatelle-Bartoloni
Recital in the West
Caio Pagano, Carlos Alves
Meditations and Tributes: Works for Solo Clarinet
Matthew Nelson
The Capitol Clarinets Duo, Walt Nielsen, Korbi Adams
Journey on a Comet's Tail
Paradise Winds, Joseph Kluesener, Patrick Murphy, Stefanie Harger...
Memories of Hope
Sorores Duo, Amy Rosine, Sandra Mosteller
Northern Fantasies: Selected Works for Clarinet and Piano 1850 - 1890
Matthew Nelson

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