The Art of the Fugue
With: Trio 335, Amy Goeser, Heike Storm, Steve Vacchi
With: Celeste Johnson, Michael Gordon, Sean Chen
Tollan: Mexican Works for Oboe
With: Jonathan Thompson, Talar Khosdeghian
Global Reflections
With: Nancy Ambrose King, Frances Colòn, Kypros Markou, Pra...
With: Nancy Ambrose King, Ann Arbor Camerata, Oriol Sans, Vi...
Classic Structures
With: University of Michigan Symphony Band, Michael Haithcoc...
With: Mark Berry, Michele Fiala, Sarah Berry
With: Matthew Thompson, Alex Hayashi
On the Wings of Love
With: I Solisti Veneti, Mauro Maur, Ugo Orlandi, Paolo Grazi...
Hee-Sun Lee: Oboe
Hee-Sun Lee
Journey on a Comet's Tail
With: Paradise Winds, Joseph Kluesener, Patrick Murphy, Stef...

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