Ittz├ęs Plays Newman: Complete Works for Flute
Anthony Newman, Gergely Ittzes, Ferenc Erkel Chamber Orchestra, T...
Celeste Johnson, Michael Gordon, Sean Chen
In Translation: Selections from JS Bach's Cello Suites
Amy Porter
Karg-Elert: 30 Caprices for Flute
Amy Porter
American Art
Amy Porter, Christopher Harding
Amy Porter, Tim Carey
Concertos: Bassett, Bolcom, Daugherty
University of Michigan Symphony Orchestra, Harold Smoliar, Cliffo...
Verederos: Music for Flute and Percussion
Payton MacDonald, Jessica Johnson
Flute and Piano Music by Italian Composers
Karl Kraber, Michael Rogers
Flute Sonatas from the Italian Baroque
Karl Kraber, Philip Gottling, Peter Kairoff
University of Michigan Symphony Band, Donald Sinta Saxophone Quar...
Verederos: In Common
Payton MacDonald, Jessica Johnson

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