Igor Lesnik: 20 Years Later
Igor Lešnik, Croatian Radio Television Symphony Orchestra
Imaginary Landscape
Michael Udow, Various Artists, Timothy McAllister
Sticks and Stones: Music for Percussion and Strings
Roger Braun, Various Artists, Michael Carrera, Marjorie Bagley
Michael Colgrass: Percussion Music 1951-1957
Patrick Roulet, Michelle Humphreys, Megan Yanik, Mark Craig, Greg...
Todd Oxford
Transmutations and Metamorphoses
Michael Udow, University of Michigan Percussion Ensemble, Douglas...
Michael Udow, Various Artists
Border Crossing
Michael Udow, The University of Michigan Percussion Ensemble
Verederos: In Common
Payton MacDonald, Jessica Johnson
Old News: New Music for Trumpet and Percussion
John Pennington, Stephen Dunn
Verederos: Music for Flute and Percussion
Payton MacDonald, Jessica Johnson
Dreams of the Spirit
Linda Maxey, The Michigan Singers, Galaxy Percussion, University ...
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