With: Bedlam, Kayleen S├ínchez, Laudon Schuett
Coming Home
Eva Beneke
The Golden Century: Lute Music from 16th Century Italy
Alan Rinehart
Musical Banquet
Alan Rinehart
Renaissance Masters and Latin Romantics
Alan Rinehart
Guitar Music from the Court of Louis XIV
Robert Strizich
Oeuvres pour guitares, luths, cistre, orpharion et vihuela
Trio de guitares Laval
Hermes' Invention
With: La Volta, Daphne Moser, Janice Bosch, Jürgen H&uu...
Rayner Taylor, Six Sonatas for Violoncello and Fortepiano
With: John Metz, Barbara Bailey-Metz
Died for Love

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