6 Concertos by Anthony Newman
Anthony Newman, Yoon Kwon, Gergely Ittzes, Jeffrey Reid Baker, Ch...
En la Tierra: Six 21st Century Guitar Concertos
USC Thornton Edge, Donald Crockett, Brian Head, William Kanengise...
Rozsa: Cello Concerto; Schurmann: The Gardens of Exile
Peter Rejto, Pecs Hungarian Symphony, Howard Williams
Sticks and Stones: Music for Percussion and Strings
Roger Braun, Various Artists, Michael Carrera, Marjorie Bagley
The Artistry of the Marimba
Linda Maxey, Mark Puckett
Todd Oxford
Igor LeŇ°nik, Mario Penzar
Mendelssohn - Corigliano Violin Sonatas
Linda Wang, David Allen Wehr
Music of Jan Bach
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Classic Structures
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On the Nature of...
Anthony Di Sanza
Points of Departure
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