Old News: New Music for Trumpet and Percussion
John Pennington, Stephen Dunn
Organ and Choral Music
Theodore Morrison, Scott Hanoian, Michael Gallant, Marilyn Mason,...
Zamiki: Music for Solo Marimba
Brian Zator
Igor Lesnik: 20 Years Later
Igor Lešnik, Croatian Radio Television Symphony Orchestra
L'Infinito: Songs from a Lost World of Italian Jewish Composers, 1910-1945
Caroline Helton, Kathryn Goodson
Recitative and Frenzy
William Helmers, Kamran Ince, Stefanie Jacob, Diana Haskell
The Song of Luke
John Pennington, The Phoenix Chamber Ensemble, The Santa Fe Deser...
Paul Hindemith: Ludus tonalis and Reihe kleiner Stücke
Siglind Bruhn
Mark Berry, Michele Fiala, Sarah Berry
Historic Works for Percussion Ensemble (1931-1942)
Michael Udow, The University of Michigan Percussion Ensemble
Michael Udow, Various Artists
Soundscapes: Music for Marimba and Percussion
Mayumi Hama
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