Anatomy of Sound: A Workshop with Amy Porter
Amy Porter
Flute Sonatas from the Italian Baroque
With: Karl Kraber, Philip Gottling, Peter Kairoff
The Art of the Fugue
With: Trio 335, Amy Goeser, Heike Storm, Steve Vacchi
Liszt: The Poet Inspired
Derek Parsons
Tango Magnetism
With: Todd Oxford, Daniel Immel
With: Igor LeŇ°nik, Mario Penzar
Louis Nagel Live in Concert
With: Louis Nagel, Priscilla Johnson, Judy Vander Weg
Welcome Sun
Megumi Takeshita
The Retirement Concert - April 6, 2001
University of Michigan Symphony Band
Antonin Dvorak
With: Meadowmount Trio, Owen Carman, Stephen Shipps, Eric La...
With: Brian Zator, Texas A&M University-Commerce Percussion ...
University of Michigan Symphony Band
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