Child's Play
With: Lydian Quartet, MIT Chamber Players
Dedications to Janos Negyesy: Works for Solo Violin
With: Janos Negyesy
Roger Reynolds: Last Things, I Think, To Think About
With: Roger Reynolds, Philip Larson, Aleck Karis, John Ashbe...
New Music Series, Vol. 3
With: Carol Lieberman, Estension Works, Harvey Sollberger, L...
Hidden Dimensions
Joji Yuasa
Electro Acoustic Music III
With: Camilla Hoitenga, Jacques Linder, Jean-Claude Risset, ...
drumming in the dark
With: Steven Schick
To the Verge
With: Joan Heller, Thomas Stumpf
Electro Acoustic Music II
With: Luca Paccagnella, The Boston Musica Viva, The Electric...
An Illusion of Desire: Experimental Music by Christopher Shultis 1988-1992
With: Crossing 32nd Street, Douglas Nottingham, LINKS Ensemb...
Electro Acoustic Music V
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