Bul-Bop: Works for Flute and Guitar
Atanas Ourkouzounov, Mie Ogura
En la Tierra: Six 21st Century Guitar Concertos
USC Thornton Edge, Donald Crockett, Brian Head, William Kanengise...
Autoportrait II
Atanas Ourkouzounov
Chords & Thyme: Folksong Melodies for Guitar
Edward Flower, Joel Brown
Kindred Spirits
University of Central Oklahoma Wind Symphony, Valery Kuleshov, Ro...
Mass Observation
University of Michigan, Jerry Blackstone, Jonathan Ovalle, Scott ...
Celeste Johnson Frehner, Michael Gordon, Sean Chen
Anatomy of Sound: A Workshop with Amy Porter
Amy Porter
Old News: New Music for Trumpet and Percussion
John Pennington, Stephen Dunn
Historic Works for Percussion Ensemble (1931-1942)
Michael Udow, The University of Michigan Percussion Ensemble
Tango Magnetism
Todd Oxford, Daniel Immel
The Avenging Spirit
SAGA Quartet, Andrew J. Allen, Matthew Tracy, Gregory Dewhirst, A...
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