Mostly French
Robert Willoughby, Julian Martin, Wilbur Price
Pleasure is the Law
Nadine Asin, Elaine Douvas, Steven Beck, Darrett Adkins, Erik Nie...
The Flute Heard Around the World
Donald Peck, James Ross, Melody Lord
Clarinet Concert No. 4
Harold Wright, Civic Symphony Orchestra of Boston, Worcester Symp...
Carter and Rachmaninoff Cello Sonatas
Anthony Ross, Evelyne Brancart
Amy Porter, Nancy Ambrose King
Amy Porter, Nancy Ambrose King, Phillip Bush
WiZARDS! Works!
The Art of Robert Bloom: Chamber Music, Vol. 3
Robert Bloom, Broadus Erle, David Schwartz, Aldo Parisot, Seymour...
Fin de Si├Ęcle: French Flute Masterpieces
Jacques Zoon, Bernd Brackman
20th Century
Philadelphia Woodwind Quintet, John Smith
Building Castles in the Sky
James Caldwell, Marilyn McDonald, James Weaver, Kenneth Slowik, L...
Patrick McFarland & Friends
Patrick McFarland, Elizabeth Koch, Marietta Simpson, Christina Sm...
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