Pavanes, Pastorales, and Serenades for Oboe and Harp
With: James Gorton, Gretchen Van Hoesen
An American Master
With: Mitchell Lurie, Leona Luri, Michele Levin, Kathleen Re...
The Art of Robert Bloom: Selected Arias with Oboe Obbligato, Vol. I
With: Robert Bloom, Paul Ulanowsky, Maureen Forrester, Willi...
20th Century
With: Philadelphia Woodwind Quintet, John Smith
Brahms / Schumann
With: Harold Wright, Peter Serkin
Patrick McFarland & Friends
With: Patrick McFarland, Elizabeth Koch, Marietta Simpson, C...
The Art of Robert Bloom: Music for Oboe and Strings, Vol. II
With: Robert Bloom, RCA Victor Orchestra - Leopold Stokowski...
The Flute Heard Around the World
With: Donald Peck, James Ross, Melody Lord
With: Christopher Creviston, Hannah Creviston
With: Yorgos Nousis, Neža Lopatič, Antonis Koufoudakis, Ni...
In Swirling Modes
Miscelanea Guitar Quartet
Celestial: The Music of Ernesto Nazareth
Marc Teicholz
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