Berthomieu, Bozza, Uber, Brant
With: West Chester Flute Ensemble, Mélodique Quartet, Emily...
Fascinatin' Rhythms
With: Kenneth Radnofsky, Rosemary Barnes
Marcel Tabuteau Excerpts
With: Marcel Tabuteau, Leopold Stokowski, The Philadelphia O...
French Portraits
With: Ricardo Morales, Michael Chertock
Schumann, Poulenc, Ibert, Loeffler, Mozart
With: Alfred Genovese, Peter Serkin
The Greatest Works Schubert (N)ever Wrote for the Oboe
With: Alex Klein, Craig Sheppard, Caren Pelton
Musique Française
With: Chrisfield-Genovese-McGill-Serkin, Carla Chrisfield, A...
Building Castles in the Sky
With: James Caldwell, Marilyn McDonald, James Weaver, Kennet...
Gems for Oboe & Piano
With: Evelyn McCarty, Imelda Delgado
Misek Sonata No. 2 / Bach Cello Suites 3 and 5
With: Owen Lee, Michael Chertock
Clarinet Concert No. 4
With: Harold Wright, Civic Symphony Orchestra of Boston, Wor...
Mostly French
With: Robert Willoughby, Julian Martin, Wilbur Price
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