Mostly French
Robert Willoughby, Julian Martin, Wilbur Price
Musique Française
Chrisfield-Genovese-McGill-Serkin, Carla Chrisfield, Alfred Genov...
The Greatest Works Schubert (N)ever Wrote for the Oboe
Alex Klein, Craig Sheppard, Caren Pelton
The Art of Robert Bloom: Chamber Music, Vol. 2
Robert Bloom, Julius Baker, Juliette Arnold, David Schwartz, Seym...
An American Master
Mitchell Lurie, Leona Luri, Michele Levin, Kathleen Reynolds, Rob...
Philadelphia Woodwind Quintet
Contrasts: American Music for Flute and Harp
Leone Buyse, Ann Hobson Pilot
Clarinet Concert No. 4
Harold Wright, Civic Symphony Orchestra of Boston, Worcester Symp...
Misek Sonata No. 2 / Bach Cello Suites 3 and 5
Owen Lee, Michael Chertock
The Art of Robert Bloom: Chamber Music, Vol. 1
Robert Bloom, Earl Wild, Ward Davenny, Paul Ulanowsky
Patrick McFarland & Friends
Patrick McFarland, Elizabeth Koch, Marietta Simpson, Christina Sm...
Pierné - Reger - Roussel
Robert Willoughby, Wilbur Price, John Tartaglia, Marilyn McDonald...
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