Mass Observation
University of Michigan, Jerry Blackstone, Jonathan Ovalle, Scott ...
The Soul Fox
Julia Broxholm, Russell Miller
Global Reflections
Nancy Ambrose King, Frances Colòn, Kypros Markou, Prague Chamber...
Four Centuries of J.S. Bach
Louis Nagel
Movement in Time
Philadelphia Percussion Project, Marshall Taylor, Hirono Oka, Cha...
Michael Udow, Various Artists
The Contemporary Percussionist
Michael Udow, David Endahl, David Tolen, Jeremy Church, Jonathan ...
Points of Departure
University of Michigan Symphony Band, Michael Haithcock, Daniel G...
Romanze of Weissenborn
Robert Williams, Juan de Gomar, Michele Cooker, Kristen Sonneborn
Lessons of the Sky
Leaman & Rackers Duo, Clifford Leaman, Joseph Rackers
John Pennington, Cyprian Consiglio
Brian Zator, Texas A&M University-Commerce Percussion Ensemble, B...
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