The Art of Robert Bloom: Music for Oboe and Strings, Vol. I
With: Robert Bloom, Sarasota Music Festival Chamber Orchestr...
With: Nancy Ambrose King, Charlotte Mattax, Sylvia Wang
Elaine Douvas: Oboe
With: Elaine Douvas, Kenji Bunch, James Kreger, Toby Appel, ...
Amy Porter, Nancy Ambrose King
With: Amy Porter, Nancy Ambrose King, Phillip Bush
Carter and Rachmaninoff Cello Sonatas
With: Anthony Ross, Evelyne Brancart
Sax with Strings Attached
With: Martin Piecuch, Stravinsky Quartet
The Art of Robert Bloom: Chamber Music, Vol. 3
With: Robert Bloom, Broadus Erle, David Schwartz, Aldo Paris...
Oboe Odyssey
With: Evelyn McCarty, Imelda Delgado
Oboe Recital (No. 3)
With: Wayne Rapier, Kendra Colton, Edwin Swanborn, Martin Am...
With: Robert Willoughby, Wilbur Price, Wayne Rapier, James C...
The Art of Robert Bloom: Chamber Music, Vol. 2
With: Robert Bloom, Julius Baker, Juliette Arnold, David Sch...
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