Schumann, Poulenc, Ibert, Loeffler, Mozart
Alfred Genovese, Peter Serkin
The Art of Robert Bloom: Music for Oboe and Strings, Vol. II
Robert Bloom, RCA Victor Orchestra - Leopold Stokowski, Conductor...
The Greatest Works Schubert (N)ever Wrote for the Oboe
Alex Klein, Craig Sheppard, Caren Pelton
The Philadelphia Chamber Ensemble
Philadelphia Chamber Ensemble
Oboe Odyssey
Evelyn McCarty, Imelda Delgado
Fantasies and Partitas
Alex Klein
Philadelphia Woodwind Quintet, John Lancie
Of Winds and Song: Sacred Music for Soprano, Oboe, and Organ
Cavenaugh-McCarty-York, Melanie Cavenaugh, Evelyn McCarty, Susan ...
Sax with Strings Attached
Martin Piecuch, Stravinsky Quartet
Pavanes, Pastorales, and Serenades for Oboe and Harp
James Gorton, Gretchen Van Hoesen
Berthomieu, Bozza, Uber, Brant
West Chester Flute Ensemble, Mélodique Quartet, Emily Newbold
The Art of Robert Bloom: Selected Arias with Oboe Obbligato, Vol. I
Robert Bloom, Paul Ulanowsky, Maureen Forrester, William Warfield...
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