Miklós Rózsa's Double Life: Concert Music for Strings
With: Marjorie Bagley, Stephen Swedish, Michael Carrera, The...
Dreams of the Spirit
With: Linda Maxey, Galaxy Percussion, The Michigan Singers, ...
Paul Hindemith: Ludus tonalis and Reihe kleiner Stücke
Siglind Bruhn
Movement in Time
With: Philadelphia Percussion Project, Marshall Taylor, Hiro...
Sole Nero: Musica per Due
With: Anthony Di Sanza, Jessica Johnson
With: Celeste Johnson, Michael Gordon, Sean Chen
Verederos: In Common
With: Payton MacDonald, Jessica Johnson
Paul Hindemith: Sonatas for String Instruments and Piano
With: Harry Sargous, Andrew Jennings, Anthony Elliott, Anton...
Concatenations: Music of George Balch Wilson
With: George Balch Wilson, Edwin London, University of Illin...
On the Nature of...
Anthony Di Sanza
Imaginary Landscape
With: Michael Udow, Various Artists, Timothy McAllister
With: UNCG Wind Ensemble, John R. Locke, Kevin M. Geraldi, A...
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