Complete Guitar Works of Manual Ponce, Vol.1
Antonio López
As Always
Morning in Iowa
Lorenzo Micheli, David Knopfler, Daniele Vineis, Daniele De Pasca...
From Her Source to the Sea
Matthew Fish
Antiguo canto: The Music of Marcelo Coronel
Chris Dorsey
The Capitol Clarinets Duo, Walt Nielsen, Korbi Adams
Eight Little Letters
Adam Zweiback, Scott Leader, Coleen Dieker, Briana Brandy, Keith ...
Ear Candy
Todd Hallawell, Robin Kessinger, Duane Webster
De romances, de amores y de muerte
Nelson Brenes, Roberto Viquez
Platero y yo - Elegia Andaluza
Frank Koonce, Nelson Brenes
Tales from Malaysia: Between Two Worlds
Nathan Fischer
Santa Fe Guitar Quartet, Christopher Dorsey, Mariano Fontana, Mig...
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