Double Bass Music of Frank Proto
John Ebinger, Roy Hakes
Jazz Concert 2019
Mira Costa Bands, Joel Carlson, Jazz I, Combo I, Combo II, Jazz I...
Here & Now
Ivan Díaz, Benito Gonzalez, Corcoran Holt, Myron Walden
35th Anniversary Concert
Coastal Communities Concert Band
The Great American Songbook
Harry Watters, Salt River Brass, Patrick Sheridan
It's About Time
Dom Moio, Joe Diorio
Tambores: Rhythms for the Soul
Dom Moio, Joe Garcia
I Got'cha Drums Right Here
Dom Moio
Cinco de Moio
Dom Moio, Joe Garcia, Jerry Donato, Ioannis Goudelis, Bob Lashier...
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