Fascinatin' Rhythms
Kenneth Radnofsky, Rosemary Barnes
Marcel Tabuteau Excerpts
Marcel Tabuteau, Leopold Stokowski, The Philadelphia Orchestra
French Portraits
Ricardo Morales, Michael Chertock
Schumann, Poulenc, Ibert, Loeffler, Mozart
Alfred Genovese, Peter Serkin
The Greatest Works Schubert (N)ever Wrote for the Oboe
Alex Klein, Craig Sheppard, Caren Pelton
Musique Fran├žaise
Chrisfield-Genovese-McGill-Serkin, Carla Chrisfield, Alfred Genov...
Building Castles in the Sky
James Caldwell, Marilyn McDonald, James Weaver, Kenneth Slowik, L...
Gems for Oboe & Piano
Evelyn McCarty, Imelda Delgado
Misek Sonata No. 2 / Bach Cello Suites 3 and 5
Owen Lee, Michael Chertock
Clarinet Concert No. 4
Harold Wright, Civic Symphony Orchestra of Boston, Worcester Symp...
Mostly French
Robert Willoughby, Julian Martin, Wilbur Price
Three Sonatas for Double Bass
Edwin Barker, Warren Jones, Deborah Dewolf Emery, Mark Kroll, Pho...
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