Distant Visions
With: Brian Bevelander, Jason Lim, The Nova Ensemble, John S...
With: Michael Udow, Various Artists
biNg bang plays lešnik
With: Igor Lešnik, biNg bang: Jeunesses Musicales Croatia, ...
The Contemporary Percussionist
With: Michael Udow, David Endahl, David Tolen, Jeremy Church...
Paul Hindemith: Sonatas for Brass Instruments and Piano
With: Harry Sargous, Anton Nel, Bryan Kennedy, Charles Daval...
With: Igor Lešnik, Mario Penzar
Rozsa: Cello Concerto; Schurmann: The Gardens of Exile
With: Peter Rejto, Pecs Hungarian Symphony, Howard Williams
American Piano Music
Christopher Harding
Concertos: Bassett, Bolcom, Daugherty
With: University of Michigan Symphony Orchestra, Harold Smol...
Blue: New Music from Hawaii
With: Todd Yukumoto, HyeKyung Lee
With: The Ambassador Duo, Clifford Leaman, Derek Parsons
With: Mark Berry, Michele Fiala, Sarah Berry
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