The Soul Fox
Julia Broxholm, Russell Miller
Transience: A Musical World of Works for Soprano, Clarinet, and Piano
Fred Ormand, Julia Broxholm, Martin Katz
Step Inside: New American Music for Saxophone and Percussion
Rogue Two
Outside the Box
Nova Saxophone Quartet, Joseph Colarusso, Greg Wilson, Richard La...
American Art
Amy Porter, Christopher Harding
Timothy McAllister
Four Centuries of J.S. Bach
Louis Nagel
Reflections: Seven Orchestral Works
Michael Udow, Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra, Larry Rachleff...
Sole Nero: Musica per Due
Anthony Di Sanza, Jessica Johnson
Kent Eshelman, In-Ja Eshelman
Fraternity of Deceit
Postindustrial Players, Peter Stewart, Karen Grahn, Gregory Purnh...
Sounds, Shapes, and Symbols
University of Michigan Symphony Band, Michael Haithcock
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