Michael Udow, Various Artists
The Contemporary Percussionist
Michael Udow, David Endahl, David Tolen, Jeremy Church, Jonathan ...
Points of Departure
University of Michigan Symphony Band, Michael Haithcock, Daniel G...
Step Inside: New American Music for Saxophone and Percussion
Rogue Two
The Retirement Concert - April 6, 2001
University of Michigan Symphony Band
The Piano Rags of William Albright
Nicola (Nikki) Melville
Payton MacDonald: The Solo Marimba Commissions, Vol. 1
Payton MacDonald
Bolcom & Friends
University of Michigan Symphony Band, Michael Haithcock
Welcome Sun
Megumi Takeshita
Michael Udow, Various Artists
Rozsa: Cello Concerto; Schurmann: The Gardens of Exile
Peter Rejto, Pecs Hungarian Symphony, Howard Williams
Alan Siebert, Philip Tietze, Sandra Rivers, Joshua Nemith
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