Kristin Wolfe Jensen, Ronald A. Crutcher, John Snow, Vivienne Spy
Paul Hindemith: Sonatas for Woodwind Instruments and Piano
Harry Sargous, Richard Beene, Leone Buyse, Fred Ormand, Anton Nel...
American Byways: The Music of Michael Daugherty
University of Central Oklahoma Wind Symphony, & Friends, Brian La...
Shared Spaces
John Beck, Varius Artists
Equilibrium Dance & Percussion Duo
Michael Udow, Nancy Udow
Sticks and Stones: Music for Percussion and Strings
Roger Braun, Various Artists, Michael Carrera, Marjorie Bagley
Live Through the Years
Todd Oxford, Billy Jon McPhail, Robert Medina, Colin Mason
Ambassador Duo, The, Clifford Leaman, Derek Parsons
Solo Marimba Improvisations, Vol. 1
Payton MacDonald
Liszt: The Poet Inspired
Derek Parsons
Robert Young, David Heinick, Julianne Kirk Doyle, Tim Sullivan, M...
Mark Rush, Tannis Gibson
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