Romanze of Weissenborn
Robert Williams, Juan de Gomar, Michele Cooker, Kristen Sonneborn
Leslie Bassett: Music for Piano and Piano-Violin Duo
Leslie Bassett, Wendolyn Olson, Gabriela Lena Frank
Historical Commentary with Dr. Penelope Fischer
Amy Porter
Border Crossing
Michael Udow, The University of Michigan Percussion Ensemble
Solo Marimba Improvisations, Vol. 1
Payton MacDonald
University of Michigan Symphony Band, Michael Haithcock, Jeffrey ...
American Art
Amy Porter, Christopher Harding
Paul Hindemith: Sonatas for Woodwind Instruments and Piano
Harry Sargous, Richard Beene, Leone Buyse, Fred Ormand, Anton Nel...
Verederos: In Common
Payton MacDonald, Jessica Johnson
Organ and Choral Music
Theodore Morrison, Scott Hanoian, Michael Gallant, Marilyn Mason,...
Zamiki: Music for Solo Marimba
Brian Zator
The Gaubert Cycle: The Complete Works for Flute and Piano
Amy Porter, Tim Carey, Penelope Fischer
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