Thomas DeLio: Selected Compositions (1972-2015)
With: Thomas DeLio, Aleck Karis, Steven Schick, John Fonvill...
Music For Chamber Ensemble
With: The Boston Musica Viva, Richard Pittman
Non Acoustic Symphony
With: Dariusz Mazurowski
With: Joanna Kurkowicz, Samir Chatterjee, National Polish Ra...
Electro Acoustic Music VI
With: Charles Lipp, Daniel Kientzy
the imagE-imAge set
With: Rachel Beetz, Alexis Descharmes, Mark Menzies, John Pi...
Roger Reynolds - Personae - The Vanity of Words - Variation
With: Dean Anderson
Child's Play
With: Lydian Quartet, MIT Chamber Players
Roger Reynolds: Last Things, I Think, To Think About
With: Roger Reynolds, Philip Larson, Aleck Karis, John Ashbe...
Making a Song and Dance
With: Elizabeth Bennett, Christopher Blake, Paul Schumann, S...
Hidden Dimensions
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