Así lo siento yo
With: Adam del Monte, Shlomo Cohen, Emir Isilay, Asaf Kofler...
Mi Camino Flamenco . . . Journey to a New World
Adam del Monte
With: Showra Music Band, Foad Ghahremani, Mahdi Haghighi, Me...
TP & Company: Steppe Forward
With: Ted Piltzecker, Jerad Lippi, Mike Kujawsi, Nick Lieran...
Tango Magnetism
With: Todd Oxford, Daniel Immel
American Piano Music
Christopher Harding
With: Matthew Thompson, Alex Hayashi
Todd Oxford
With: Melanie Yamada, Darin Miyashiro, Mariko Furukawa, Joan...
Calliope Swings: Jazz, Rags and Blues
With: Calliope, Lawrence Benz, Allan Dean, Ben Harms, Freder...
Soundscapes: Music for Marimba and Percussion
Mayumi Hama
We Go Down and Water Rises
Showra Music Band
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