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Gene Koshinski
Old News: New Music for Trumpet and Percussion
John Pennington, Stephen Dunn
The Piano Rags of William Albright
Nicola (Nikki) Melville
Unicycle Man
Ted Piltzecker, Dave Meade, Harvie Swartz, James Williams, Bob Mi...
Leslie Bassett: Music for Piano and Piano-Violin Duo
Leslie Bassett, Wendolyn Olson, Gabriela Lena Frank
American Piano Music
Christopher Harding
Transmutations and Metamorphoses
Michael Udow, University of Michigan Percussion Ensemble, Douglas...
Welcome Sun
Megumi Takeshita
Todd Yukumoto, Carla McElhaney
Historical Commentary with Dr. Penelope Fischer
Amy Porter
UNCG Wind Ensemble, John R. Locke, Kevin M. Geraldi, Andrea E. Br...
Organ and Choral Music
Theodore Morrison, Scott Hanoian, Michael Gallant, Marilyn Mason,...
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