Romanze of Weissenborn
Robert Williams, Juan de Gomar, Michele Cooker, Kristen Sonneborn
John Pennington, Cyprian Consiglio
Coyote Dreams
Michael Udow, Christopher Froh, Various Artists
Mendelssohn - Corigliano Violin Sonatas
Linda Wang, David Allen Wehr
Paul Hindemith: Sonatas for String Instruments and Piano
Harry Sargous, Yizhak Schotten, Siglind Bruhn, Katherine Collier,...
Franz Xaver Mozart (1791-1844): The Complete Piano Chamber Music
Christopher Harding, Suren Bagrutani, Aaron Berofsky, Kathryn Vot...
Anatomy of Sound: A Workshop with Amy Porter
Amy Porter
The Gaubert Cycle: Romance (1908)
Amy Porter, Tim Carey, Penelope Fischer
Verederos: Music for Flute and Percussion
Payton MacDonald, Jessica Johnson
In Translation: Selections from JS Bach's Cello Suites
Amy Porter
Amy Porter
Imaginary Landscape
Michael Udow, Various Artists, Timothy McAllister
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