Label: Soundset Recordings
Item Number: SR1117
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2020
Gone is Gone
Égide Duo
Joshua Gardner - Clarinet
Stefanie Gardner - Bass Clarinet
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The Bangui Anomaly01.Eric Mandat: The Bangui Anomaly   8:44
Jonathan Russell: This Homeless Way
A Shiver is All02.I. A Shiver is All   1:57
Am I Invisible03.II. Am I Invisible   4:18
This Homeless Way04.III. This Homeless Way   3:20
Kurt Mehlenbacher: Lost and Forgotten
The Salt River Running Dry05.I. The Salt River Running Dry   2:17
Prodoxidae06.II. Prodoxidae   1:27
The Joshua Tree07.III. The Joshua Tree   4:41
A Quick and Ceremonious Exodus08.IV. A Quick and Ceremonious Exodus   2:02
Duet for Clarinet and Bass Clarinet09.Steven Bryant: Duet for Clarinet and Bass Clarinet   7:01
John Steinmetz: Coal Seams
Under Ground10.I. Under Ground   3:10
The Devourer11.II. The Devourer   6:14
Gone is Gone12.III. Gone is Gone   4:34
Total Playing Time: 49:45


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