Label: Soundset Recordings
Item Number: SR1092
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2017
Journey on a Comet's Tail
Paradise Winds
Joseph Kluesener - Bassoon
Patrick Murphy - Saxophone
Stefanie Harger Gardner - Bass Clarinet
Tiffany Pan - Oboe
Joshua Gardner - Clarinet
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John Marvin: Three Pieces for Reed Quintet
Prelude01.I. Prelude   2:06
Contrasts02.II. Contrasts   4:37
Scherzo03.III. Scherzo   3:50
Robbie McCarthy: Four-Letter Word
First Offense04.I. First Offense   2:09
Second Chance05.II. Second Chance   4:59
Final Warning06.III. Final Warning   2:13
Deborah Kavasch: Five Miniatures for Reed Quintet
Sprightly07.I. Sprightly   49:00
Reflectively08.II. Reflectively   2:12
Lively09.III. Lively   58:00
Lazily10.IV. Lazily   3:17
Pointedly (Homage to Igor)11.V. Pointedly (Homage to Igor)   1:24
Scenes from the Big Top12.Kincaid Rabb: Scenes from the Big Top   5:15
Kurt Mehlenbacher: Journey on a Comet's Tail
From the Surface of the Earth13.I. From the Surface of the Earth   4:01
Comet Interlude: Journey on a Comet's Tail14.II. Comet Interlude: Journey on a Comet's Tail   2:27
Frost and Snow15.III. Frost and Snow   4:31
Comet Interlude: Dancing Stars16.IV. Comet Interlude: Dancing Stars   3:36
Hellfire17.V. Hellfire   2:13
Sailing Through the Milky Way18.VI. Sailing Through the Milky Way   4:40
Postlude: A Return Home19.VII. Postlude: A Return Home   1:55
Total Playing Time: 2:42:25


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