Label: Soundset Recordings
Item Number: SR1068
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2015
Sans Paroles
Duo Tandem
Necati Emirzade - guitar
Mark Anderson - guitar
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Astor Piazzolla: Suite Troileana
Zita01.I. Zita   4:28
Whiskey02.II. Whiskey   4:13
Radames Gnattali: Suite Retratos
I. Pixinguinha (choro)03.I. Pixinguinha (choro)   5:18
II. Ernesto Nazreth (valsa)04.II. Ernesto Nazreth (valsa)   5:16
IV. Chiquinha Gonzaga (corta jaca)05.IV. Chiquinha Gonzaga (corta jaca)   5:15
Nocturne No. 806.Frédéric Chopin: Nocturne No. 8   5:18
David Gottlieb: Four Postcards
I. Rum and Alleyways07.I. Rum and Alleyways   2:35
II. Downpour and Bullet Ants08.II. Downpour and Bullet Ants   4:29
III. Boats and Crocs (the Live Kind)09.III. Boats and Crocs (the Live Kind)   3:23
IV. Winding Stairs and Swirling Seas10.IV. Winding Stairs and Swirling Seas   3:08
Grant Ferris: Up
I11.I   1:36
II.12.II.   2:09
III.13.III.   2:52
IV.14.IV.   1:56
Prelude15.Georges Aurie: Prelude   1:26
Valse16.Francis Poulenc: Valse   1:42
Romance sans Paroles17.Louis Durey: Romance sans Paroles   2:18
Total Playing Time: 57:22


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