Label: Many Dances Publishing
Item Number: NSR-1000481
Format: Download
Year Recorded: 2017
Yossarian's Dream
Jerry Kosak
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Waitin' for Columbus01.Waitin' for Columbus   3:56
Joined at the Hip02.Joined at the Hip   5:51
Yossarian's Dream03.Yossarian's Dream   4:33
That's Phat04.That's Phat   5:29
Matagalpa05.Matagalpa   3:48
Portable Fruit06.Portable Fruit   8:04
Clap07.Clap   3:15
A Year from Now08.A Year from Now   4:52
One Long Breath09.One Long Breath   5:25
Berceuse10.Berceuse   2:59


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