Label: Tresona Multimedia
Item Number: NSR-1000431
Format: Download
Year Recorded: 2016
Rite of Passage
One Voice Chorus
Gerald Gurss - artistic director
Adam Ward - accompanist
Dawn Broom - accompanist
Sotto Voce - Vocal Ensemble
Liz Burns - cello
Aubrye Carr - soloist
Caroline Cave - soloist
Jonathan Kersnowski - soloist
Steven Rusk - soloist
Barbra Williams - soloist
Harold Lowry - soloist
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Nothing Left to Say01.Jacob Narverud: Nothing Left to Say   6:18
Liz Burns - cello
Only in Sleep02.Eriks Esenvalds: Only in Sleep   4:52
Aubrye Carr - soloist
Love Never Fails03.J.A.C. Redford: Love Never Fails   4:17
Liz Burns - cello, Sotto Voce - Vocal Ensemble, Caroline Cave - soloist
To My Parents04.Joshua Shank: To My Parents   5:10
Sotto Voce - Vocal Ensemble
This Marriage05.Ed Rex: This Marriage   2:39
Sotto Voce - Vocal Ensemble
Jonathan Wesley Oliver Jr.06.Lee Lessack, Arr. Reese Manceaux: Jonathan Wesley Oliver Jr.   4:45
Jonathan Kersnowski - soloist, Steven Rusk - soloist, Caroline Cave - soloist, Barbra Williams - soloist
Titanium07.David Guetta, Arr. Rishel: Titanium   3:59
Caroline Cave - soloist
Glenda and Lauree08.Gerald Gurss: Glenda and Lauree   6:37
Caroline Cave - soloist


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