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Item Number: NSR-1000398
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Year Recorded: 2005
The Complete Organ Works of Anthony Newman
Anthony Newman
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Prelude in C Major01.Prelude in C Major   5:54
Triple Fugue02.Triple Fugue   3:11
Fanfare in D Major03.Fanfare in D Major   2:23
Fugue in D Major04.Fugue in D Major   4:37
Dr Martin Luther King Jr05.Dr Martin Luther King Jr from March   2:06
Albert Einstein06.Albert Einstein from Vivace   4:23
Prelude in E-Flat Major07.Prelude in E-Flat Major   3:40
Fugue in E-Flat Major08.Fugue in E-Flat Major   2:59
Prelude in E Major09.Prelude in E Major   3:03
Fantasia in E Major10.Fantasia in E Major   5:10
Sonata No. 1 by Anthony Newman
Allegro deciso11.I. Allegro deciso   4:59
Entracte12.II. Entracte   1:30
Fantasia in F Major13.Fantasia in F Major   4:45
Fugue in F Major14.Fugue in F Major   5:24
Fugue15.Fugue from Trio   4:45
Homage to Stravinsky by Anthony Newman
Movement I16.I. Movement I   8:06
Movement II17.II. Movement II   2:32
Prelude in G Major18.Prelude in G Major   2:13
Fugue in G Major19.Fugue in G Major   3:31
Toccata20.Toccata from The Chariot   2:08
Fugue21.Fugue from Wheel of Fortune   3:28
Prelude in G-Sharp Major22.Prelude in G-Sharp Major   2:27
Prelude in A Major23.Prelude in A Major   3:18
Fugue in A Major24.Fugue in A Major   4:50
Flute by Anthony Newman
Prelude25.I. Prelude   3:33
Fugue26.II. Fugue   4:17
Toccata On B-A-C-H27.Toccata On B-A-C-H   2:51
Fugue On B-A-C-H28.Fugue On B-A-C-H   5:45
Abraham Lincoln29.Abraham Lincoln from Allegro   2:49
Toccata and Fugue in B Minor30.Toccata and Fugue in B Minor   8:30
Symphony No. 1 by Anthony Newman
Allegro deciso31.I. Allegro deciso   6:28
Largo Mesto32.II. Largo Mesto   6:46
Variations on Battle Hymn33.III. Variations on Battle Hymn   9:36
Symphony No. 2 by Anthony Newman
Vivace34.I. Vivace   5:58
Adagio-Presto-Adagio35.II. Adagio-Presto-Adagio   5:59
Adagio from Concerto for Violin36.Adagio from Concerto for Violin   7:31
Toccata I37.Toccata I   6:35
Symphony No. 3 by Anthony Newman
Giocoso38.I. Giocoso   3:26
Totentanz39.II. Totentanz   3:14
Largo40.III. Largo   3:28
Mother Teresa41.Mother Teresa from Largo   3:30
Toccata II42.Toccata II   3:08
Fantasia on Stravinsky's Oedipus Rex43.Fantasia on Stravinsky's Oedipus Rex   8:57
J.S. Bach44.J.S. Bach from Fugue   5:42
Total Playing Time: 3:19:25


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