Label: Equilibrium
Item Number: NSR-1000396
Format: Download
Year Recorded: 2015
Zamiki: Music for Solo Marimba
Brian Zator
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Minoru Miki: Ballades for Koto Solo, Vol. 2 - Spring
The Young Sprout01.I. The Young Sprout   3:59
Skylark02.II. Skylark   3:30
Anders Koppel: 9 Peanuts
Clockwork03.I. Clockwork   2:22
Toy Soldiers04.II. Toy Soldiers   1:51
African Kora05.III. African Kora   3:35
As Slow as Possible06.IV. As Slow as Possible   1:40
Ragtime07.V. Ragtime   1:22
Funky08.VI. Funky   1:07
Bach Air09.VII. Bach Air   2:40
Cadenza10.VIII. Cadenza   1:12
P.S.11.IX. P.S.   2:49
As She Sleeps, She Dreams12.Jonathan Ovalle: As She Sleeps, She Dreams   4:58
Run!13.Howard Hersh: Run!   5:07
Time for Marimba14.Minoru Miki: Time for Marimba   10:22
Fernando's Waltz15.Paul Smadbeck: Fernando's Waltz   9:39
Fantasie in A16.Dwayne Rice: Fantasie in A   6:04
Total Playing Time: 1:02:17


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