Label: 903 Records
Item Number: NSR-1000394
Format: Download
Year Recorded: 2007
Anthony Newman: Te Deum Laudamus
by Anthony Newman
St. Matthew's Te Deum by Anthony Newman
We Praise You   01.  I. We Praise You   1:38$0.49
The Glorious Choirs   02.  II. The Glorious Choirs   5:31$0.49
King of Glory   03.  III. King of Glory   3:45$0.49
The Right Hand of God   04.  IV. The Right Hand of God   2:45$0.49
Glorious Choirs / Thou Wilt Come to Judge   05.  V. Glorious Choirs / Thou Wilt Come to Judge   4:18$0.49
Vouchsafe O Lord   06.  VI. Vouchsafe O Lord   2:36$0.49
Sibley Love Songs by Anthony Newman
How Oft   07.  I. How Oft   1:12$0.49
Lord of My Love   08.  II. Lord of My Love   2:58$0.49
To Spring   09.  III. To Spring   5:48$0.49
When in Disgrace   10.  IV. When in Disgrace   2:53$0.49
L'ombre Silencluse   11.  V. L'ombre Silencluse   3:34$0.49
O Father   12.  VI. O Father   4:00$0.49
But Mary Stood   13.  VII. But Mary Stood   4:58$0.49
Then What Is Love   14.  VIII. Then What Is Love   2:53$0.49
The Songs of Angels by Anthony Newman
The Hymn   15.  I. The Hymn   4:57$0.49
How Sweet the Moonlight   16.  II. How Sweet the Moonlight   2:53$0.49
Rage   17.  III. Rage   3:15$0.49
Is There Care in Heaven   18.  IV. Is There Care in Heaven   3:39$0.49
To the Evening Star   19.  V. To the Evening Star   3:23$0.49
Song   20.  VI. Song   4:29$0.49
Blow Your Trumpets, Angels   21.  VII. Blow Your Trumpets, Angels   2:50$0.49
Total Playing Time: 1:14:15

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