Label: 903 Records
Item Number: NSR-1000383
Format: Download
Year Recorded: 2004
Ittzés Plays Newman: Complete Works for Flute
Anthony Newman
Gergely Ittzes - Flute
Ferenc Erkel Chamber Orchestra
Tetraversi Flute Quartet
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Concerto for Flute and Chamber Orchestra by Anthony Newman
Allegro01.I. Allegro   11:33
Ferenc Erkel Chamber Orchestra
Cortege02.II. Cortege   6:23
Ferenc Erkel Chamber Orchestra
Rondo Finale03.III. Rondo Finale   8:04
Ferenc Erkel Chamber Orchestra
Suite for Flute and Piano by Anthony Newman
Prelude04.I. Prelude   1:30
Fugue05.II. Fugue   3:19
Point de Pedale06.III. Point de Pedale   2:48
Introduction + Toccata07.IV. Introduction + Toccata   7:12
Partita for Solo Flute by Anthony Newman
Prelude08.I. Prelude   1:42
Courante09.II. Courante   2:47
Sarabande with Doubles10.III. Sarabande with Doubles   2:17
Siciliano11.IV. Siciliano   1:51
Gigue12.V. Gigue   3:00
Fugue13.VI. Fugue   2:02
Sonata for Flute and Piano by Anthony Newman
Prelude14.I. Prelude   3:34
Adagio lacrimae15.II. Adagio lacrimae   2:21
Fugue16.III. Fugue   4:17
Variations on Ein Feste Burg for Four Flutes by Anthony Newman
Theme17.I. Theme   1:02
Tetraversi Flute Quartet
Variation 118.II. Variation 1   0:38
Variation 219.III. Variation 2   0:28
Tetraversi Flute Quartet
Variation 320.IV. Variation 3   0:41
Tetraversi Flute Quartet
Variation 421.V. Variation 4   0:46
Tetraversi Flute Quartet
Variation 522.VI. Variation 5   1:04
Tetraversi Flute Quartet
Variation 623.VII. Variation 6   2:54
Tetraversi Flute Quartet
Variation 724.VIII. Variation 7   1:36
Variation 825.IX. Variation 8   0:25
Tetraversi Flute Quartet
Variation 926.X. Variation 9   0:36
Tetraversi Flute Quartet
Fugue27.XI. Fugue   4:06
Tetraversi Flute Quartet
Total Playing Time: 1:18:56


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