Label: Productions d'Oz
Item Number: NSR-1000358
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2015
New Boots Old Roots (The Anido Guitar Duo)
Annette Kruisbrink
Arlette Ruelens - Guitar
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Andalucia01.Louis Ignatius Gall: Andalucia   5:05
Tango Español02.Louis Ignatius Gall: Tango Español   3:35
Tango Argentino03.Louis Ignatius Gall: Tango Argentino   5:17
Wayang04.Louis Ignatius Gall: Wayang   3:56
Song of Bali05.Louis Ignatius Gall: Song of Bali   4:50
Stubborn Variations06.Annette Kruisbrink: Stubborn Variations   2:43
Annette Kruisbrink: Two Moods
New Boots07.I. New Boots   3:29
Old Roots08.II. Old Roots   4:32
Annette Kruisbrink: Weather Music
Forest Drizzle09.I. Forest Drizzle   3:13
Country Breeze10.II. Country Breeze   2:27
Desert Heat11.III. Desert Heat   3:21
Blue Fingers12.Pieter van der Staak: Blue Fingers   2:21
Rio13.Pieter van der Staak: Rio   2:26
Santiago14.Pieter van der Staak: Santiago   2:39
Caracas15.Pieter van der Staak: Caracas   4:10
Lima16.Pieter van der Staak: Lima   2:52
Quito17.Pieter van der Staak: Quito   3:22
Zapateado18.Pieter van der Staak: Zapateado   1:32
Total Playing Time: 1:01:50


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