Label: Neuma Records
Item Number: NSR-1000260
Format: Download
Year Recorded: 2013
Linda Dusman: "i need no words"
Philip Blackburn (Neuma Records)
Shannon Wettstein - piano
Paul Hoffmann - piano
Lisa Cella - alto flute
Jane Rigler - piccolo
E. Michael Richards - clarinets
Airi Yoshioka - violin
Adam Kent - piano
Wendy Salkind - voice
Tom Goldstein - percussion
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O Star Spangled Stripes01.O Star Spangled Stripes   8:46
Tom Goldstein - percussion, Paul Hoffmann - piano
An Unsubstantial Territory02.An Unsubstantial Territory   5:27
Lisa Cella - alto flute, Jane Rigler - piccolo
Skra03.Skra   10:01
E. Michael Richards - clarinets
Suite Sweet Errata by Linda Dusman
Of all the Lanas Renamed04.I. Of all the Lanas Renamed   2:09
Shannon Wettstein - piano
Er Rat Tic Rat Tum05.II. Er Rat Tic Rat Tum   2:10
Shannon Wettstein - piano
To Rush To Race To Wander06.III. To Rush To Race To Wander   1:52
Shannon Wettstein - piano
Read Kling Read Klang07.IV. Read Kling Read Klang   2:00
Shannon Wettstein - piano
The Best Is No Music Mozart Replide08.V. The Best Is No Music Mozart Replide   2:53
Shannon Wettstein - piano
Magnificat 109.Magnificat 1   8:57
Tom Goldstein - percussion, Lisa Cella - alto flute, E. Michael Richards - clarinets
Miss Furr and Miss Skeene10.Miss Furr and Miss Skeene   15:12
Wendy Salkind - voice, Tom Goldstein - percussion
Diverging Flints11.Diverging Flints   11:36
Airi Yoshioka - violin
Total Playing Time: 1:11:03