Label: Jerry Kosak
Item Number: NSR-1000196
Format: Download
Year Recorded: 2004
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Jerry Kosak
Jerry Kosak - Guitar
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Jack's II01.Jerry Kosak: Jack's II   3:53
Red Blues02.Jerry Kosak: Red Blues   3:16
Home with You03.Jerry Kosak: Home with You   4:07
Into the Wind04.Jerry Kosak: Into the Wind   4:30
Spin Cycle05.Jerry Kosak: Spin Cycle   2:25
The 12th Street Rag06.Euday Louis Bowman: The 12th Street Rag   4:20
Portable Fruit07.Jerry Kosak: Portable Fruit   5:05
Seventy Times Seven08.Jerry Kosak: Seventy Times Seven   6:31
All the King's Horses09.Jerry Kosak: All the King's Horses   4:54
The Garlic Press and the Little Guitar10.Jerry Kosak: The Garlic Press and the Little Guitar   3:43
Together11.Jerry Kosak: Together   4:42
Only Happy12.Jerry Kosak: Only Happy   4:35


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