Label: Soundset Recordings
Item Number: NSR-00053
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2003
Dreams and Achievements
University of Illinois Bands
James F. Keene - Conductor
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The Star-Spangled Banner01.Dudley Buck: The Star-Spangled Banner from Festival Overture on the American National Air   6:51
Dream Dancer02.Michael Colgrass: Dream Dancer   17:59
Internal Combustion03.David Gillingham: Internal Combustion   12:07
Shafer Mahoney: Symphony in E-Flat
Fanfare04.I. Fanfare   5:08
Africa or Ithaca05.II. Africa or Ithaca   4:50
Blue06.III. Blue   3:24
Clang07.IV. Clang   2:27
White Oaks Lane08.V. White Oaks Lane   7:19
March09.VI. March   4:39
Total Playing Time: 1:04:44


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