Label: Soundset Recordings
Item Number: NSR-00041
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 1995
The Begian Years Vol. IV
University of Illinois Bands
Dr. Harry Begian - Conductor
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University of Illinois01.John Phillip Sousa: University of Illinois   2:15
World Is Waiting for a Sunrise02.Ernest Seitz: World Is Waiting for a Sunrise   2:56
Tenth Regiment03.Robert Brown Hall: Tenth Regiment   3:16
National Emblem04.Edwin Eugene Bagley: National Emblem   2:59
Bravura05.Charles E. Duble: Bravura   2:41
Rolling Thunder06.Henry Fillmore: Rolling Thunder   2:14
Free Lance March07.John Phillip Sousa: Free Lance March   4:02
In Storm and Sunshine08.John Clifford Heed: In Storm and Sunshine   3:04
Quality-Plus09.Fred Jewell: Quality-Plus   2:41
New Colonial10.Robert Brown Hall: New Colonial   3:20
Glory of the Yankee Navy11.John Phillip Sousa: Glory of the Yankee Navy   3:17
The Southerner12.Russell Alexander: The Southerner   2:34
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite13.Karl King: Barnum and Bailey's Favorite   2:39
Miami14.Henry Fillmore: Miami   3:04
Lassus Trombone15.Henry Fillmore: Lassus Trombone   2:47
Noble Men16.Henry Fillmore: Noble Men   2:22
Golden Friendships17.Henry Fillmore: Golden Friendships   3:10
Americans We18.Henry Fillmore: Americans We   3:00
The Presidents March19.Henry Fillmore: The Presidents March   2:32
The Circus Bee20.Henry Fillmore: The Circus Bee   2:37
Miss Trombone21.Henry Fillmore: Miss Trombone   2:30
The Footlifter22.Henry Fillmore: The Footlifter   2:52
His Honor23.Henry Fillmore: His Honor   2:48
The Klaxon24.Henry Fillmore: The Klaxon   2:51
Men of Ohio25.Henry Fillmore: Men of Ohio   2:16
Orange Bowl26.Henry Fillmore: Orange Bowl   1:57
Shoutin' Liza Trombone27.Henry Fillmore: Shoutin' Liza Trombone   2:54
Total Playing Time: 1:15:38


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