Label: Equilibrium
Item Number: EQ84
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2006
Igor Lesnik: 20 Years Later
Igor Lešnik
Croatian Radio Television Symphony Orchestra - Mladen Tarbuk, conductor
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Franz Cibulka, Igor Lešnik: Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra
I. Allegro01.I. Allegro   6:14
II. Adagio-Moderato-Adagio02.II. Adagio-Moderato-Adagio   4:52
III. Presto-Cadenza-Finale03.III. Presto-Cadenza-Finale   5:56
Vibrafonietta04.Ivo Malec: Vibrafonietta   17:32
Johann Carl Christian Fischer: Symphony With Five Obbligato Timpani
I. Moderato05.I. Moderato   7:52
II. Adagio06.II. Adagio   1:34
III. Allegretto07.III. Allegretto   5:31
Igor Lešnik: Twenty Years Later
I. Rubato08.I. Rubato   2:28
II. Fast09.II. Fast   4:44
III. Slow10.III. Slow   3:21
Total Playing Time: 1:00:04


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