Label: Equilibrium
Item Number: EQ61
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2003
John Pennington
Cyprian Consiglio - voice
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Startled by God01.Cyprian Consiglio: Startled by God   29:00
Circle Song02.Cyprian Consiglio: Circle Song   4:46
Awakening03.Cyprian Consiglio, John Pennington: Awakening   5:09
My Heart is Ready04.Cyprian Consiglio: My Heart is Ready   1:39
Shine on Me05.John Pennington: Shine on Me   4:32
He Comes06.John Foley, S.J.: He Comes   3:33
Glorioso07.Cyprian Consiglio: Glorioso   3:11
Is the One I Love Everywhere?08.Cyprian Consiglio: Is the One I Love Everywhere?   4:15
Blessed Are09.Cyprian Consiglio, John Pennington: Blessed Are   2:38
La Luna Gialla10.Cyprian Consiglio: La Luna Gialla from La luna gialla   4:55
Samhya11.John Pennington: Samhya   1:48
Sirens12.Cyprian Consiglio: Sirens   3:11
Blessed Be the Night13.John Pennington: Blessed Be the Night   6:35
Circles14.Cyprian Consiglio: Circles   2:32
Put Love First15.Cyprian Consiglio: Put Love First   3:47
Total Playing Time: 1:21:31


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